Zhejiang Litai Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd. Make PE fittings mould, PVC fittings mould, PPR fittings mould, PP fittings mould, PPSU fittings mould and Value Mould,Kinds as Coupler, Eblow, TEE, Cap,Socket,Reduce Elbow,bend,Pipe Clamp,Stop Valve Male and Female union, Ball Valve,Cross, plastic pipe and fitting mould
About the mould make
The machines
The wire laying machine
lay wire after production
lay wire before production
PE wire laying machine
PE wire laying machine
  1.size can make from 25-200mm,
1.size can from 25-630mm
  2.automatic mode
2.not automatic mode
  3.Should order frist not have real machine now
3.also should order and make oursafe
Details For PE Mould Manufactore- Electrofusion Mould
PE Electorsion mould and hot malt PE fitting mould
Size from 20mm-630mm
Item such : Coupler, Eblow, TEE, Reducer, Cross, End cap,Socket
cavity choose: 1cavity, 2 cavities, 4 cavities, 8 cavities, 12 cavities, 16 cavities,32 cavities
Mould Material choose: Core and cavity use: P20, 2316,2738 made in Germany or china
Best cooling system for high productivity
Limit switch for slider stroke control and prolong the mould life;
 >>Pictures of some mould
>>Same pictures of PE fittings mould
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