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  Zhejiang Litai Plastic Mould co.,ltd.
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  Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province, China
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  Contactor: Cynthia Miao
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            Zhejiang Litai Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful
Huangyan City, which has the praise of Chinese Mould Hometown.
Now, our company has more than 2,000,000 Yuan capital and more
than 120 employees. Our company is specialized in manufacturing
electrical fuse coal gas conduits,PP-R drainage series,PVC tubes
and such kind of series of moulds.
Our factory has been using CAD/CAE/CAM computer assistant design
and manufacture technology since our establishment. Now the
products manufactured
by our company can be divided into two types, one is plastic mould design & manufacture and the other is the design & development and sale of plastic wares.
Plastic moulds include household appliance such as television set series, washing machines, refrigerator, air-conditional, dust collectors automobiles,
motorcycles, electrical fuse coal gas tubes, daily commodities, PP-R series, and PVC tube moulds.
>>Our company view
>> we support the file to you in the molding,
1.Making time schedule
2.Dimensional report
3.Weekly photographic report
4.Mould test video
5.Use and maintenance book
>>Our molding machinery
EDM:  NC-60P NC-61P
Wire-cutting:  DK77-32, DK7740, DK77-50
Machine tool fittings:  CA6140, YUCY-6250, CD6140A
Grinding machines:  M7132H
Drill Press:  23050x16/1
CNC Milling:  MV-850, KAFO-1000,KAFO-1500
CNC Engraving machines:  SKXD-6070, SKD5060, DC42, JDH-M6, CYDK70100
>>Area export before/ our customer from
Export: Export Russia,European , American, Australia
we have 12 injection machine at the company, so we test mould in our company , also we can support the test report to customer.

Address: xincheng road 18#, Houyang mould Industrial,Huangyan,Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province,China
Tel: +86-576-84210688, +86-576-84025890  Fax: +86-576-8210558,   E-mail:info@chinalitai.cn